Wearing a uniform can motivate anyone who wants to help their neighbour and sometimes do something really exceptional. However, what a uniform cannot do is prevent those who wear it feel anxiety in times of life where the future is full of uncertainties, or when you are afraid for your own safety. In short, those within a police uniform, even if it is that of a prestigious S.W.A.T. department, have the same psychological fragility as the other inhabitants of the planet but often, unlike them, cannot show it safely outdoors. This book aims to try to outline the role of Psychologists in the support of the police officers involved in special tactical tasks and the possible mental training routes towards the enhancement of performance of these types of fighters.


3 pensieri riguardo “S.W.A.T. COMBAT PSYCHOLOGY HANDBOOK”

    1. Marco offers clear and precious information for law enforcement tactical teams. His manual’s content is very interesting in particular when it comes to put in words the felling one may experience during stressful situations. Thus, the solid description of the training exercises. Very useful.

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